The State President’s Office announced the promulgation of three new laws on postal services, the economical use of energy and the disabled at a press briefing in Hanoi on July 9.

The 10-chapter, 46-article Law on Postal Services provides that the state offers quality public postal services at reasonable prices. It also provides all organisations and citizens in the country with equal rights to access those services, said the Office.

According to the Office, the new law was built on the former Ordinance on Post and Telecommunications and other relevant legal documents, adjusting out-of-date rules to bring them in line with World Trade Organisation and the Universal Postal Union requirements.

Meanwhile, the 12-chapter, 48-article Law on Economical and Effective Use of Energy aims to adjust consumer behavior to ensure that energy is used in a green and efficient way. It includes policies, measures, rights, duties and responsibilities of organisations, households and individuals in energy use.

The building and promulgation of the law is necessary and timely, meeting state management requirements and the country’s integration into the world economy, said the Office.

Last, but not the least, the Law on Disabled People institutionalises the Party and state’s policies and guidelines on the disabled in order to create a legal environment, positive conditions and equal opportunity for them.

The 10-chapter and 53-article law specifies the rights and duties of disabled people as well as the responsibilities of the state, the society and their families.

Social welfare for disabled people is one of the contents stated clearly in the law.

In articles 44 and 46, the law stipulates that seriously disabled people are entitled to enjoy monthly social allowances and receive financial support for burial services when they die. Those who take care of them will also receive financial aid.

The three laws will come into force on January 1, 2011.

The Office also announced the promulgation of a resolution on major national projects for submission to the National Assembly. Under the resolution, projects with a total investment capital of 35 trillion VND (1.84 billion USD) and above, including 11 trillion VND or above from the state budget, or projects with serious potential environment impact such as nuclear power plants, must be submitted to the NA for approval.

In addition, those projects involving the resettlement of 20,000 people or more in mountainous areas and 50,000 people or more in other regions also need NA approval.

Finally, projects within national relic sites and beauty spots also need to be signed off on by the NA./.