State President Truong Tan Sang met with voters in districts 1, 3 and 4 of Ho Chi Minh City on May 16 and 17, listening to their feedback and answering questions over a number of social issues ahead of the ninth sitting of the 13th National Assembly.

The constituents expressed their concerns over problems regarding social order and security, traffic safety, food hygiene, healthcare services, law-building and administrative reform. Many raised questions about the safeguarding of national sea and island sovereignty defence.

They also contributed ideas to the contents of some draft laws such as the revised Civil Code, the laws on civil procedure, administrative procedure, military service, and inspection activities of the National Assembly and People’s Councils.

President Truong Tan Sang thanked the voters for their opinions, saying that straightforward and truthful feedback from the public are urgently needed in order for the upcoming 12th National Party Congress to draw clear development directions for the country in the years ahead and effectively address shortcomings and weaknesses.

Regarding the national sea and island sovereignty safeguarding, the President said Vietnam has implemented a consistent policy on East Sea issues and called upon the parties involved to show mutual respect, specifically respect for each other’s sovereignty, interest and territorial integrity.

“While Vietnam wants to befriend with all nations in the region and around the world for peace, friendship, cooperation and mutual benefits and development, we are determined to protect our sovereignty without any concession,” the President said.

The President also reaffirmed the Party’s resolve in streamlining the State apparatus and intensifying anti-corruption efforts.-VNA