State Presient Truong Tan Sang launched 2015’s tree-planting festival at Hung King temple in northern Phu Tho province, on February 24.

He confirmed that the festival, which has become a tradition, has contributed greatly to the cause of protecting and developing forests, thus preserving the sound environment for national socio-economic development.

Earlier on the day, he attended the celebration of 1975th anniversary of the Trung sisters’ Uprising at Hai Ba Trung Temple, the special national relic site, in Hanoi’s district of Me Linh.

Addressing the event, the State President affirmed that over the past nearly 2,000 years, Vietnamese women have kept the Trung sisters’ patriotic and indomitable spirit living on in the past struggle for national liberation or today nation-building.

According to the Vietnamese historical account, Trung Trac and her younger sister Trung Nhi, who were born in Giao Chi province in what is now northern Vietnam, led their troops on elephant back to repel Chinese invaders for three years.

The victory gained independence for Dai Viet (an old name for Vietnam) after over two centuries dominated by Chinese invaders.

Every year, the heroines’ victory is celebrated at the Hai Ba Trung Temple.-VNA