Oil is leaking from the stranded cargo vessel Brigh Troyol, Quang Ngai Port Authority reported on October 4.

The ship, which ran aground off Ly Son Island, is now in a threatening situation and likely to be sunken, added the port authority.

According to the provincial border guards, the cargo ship crashed into reefs, causing two large holes at the bottom of two chambers.

The ship was later found to be leaking fuel oil from cracks in its two oil tanks containing of 387 tonnes of fuel oil.

The oil slick continues to spread out over the sea surface, said the provincial border guards.

The Quang Ngai Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention and Control ordered the provincial People’s Committee to work with relevant agencies to promptly rescue the sailors and deal with the oil spill.

The incident happened at 3:46 a.m. in the waters of Ly Son Island (6 nautical miles northeast of the island). After receiving signal for help, the Border Guard Forces of Quang Ngai province sent 60 border guards to rescue the Panama cargo ship.

All 24 crew members were in stable health but still stay in the vessel insisting that they were waiting for the guidance from their parent company.

The 28,259-tonne ship, owned by the Vanguard Maritime Ltd. Co., went aground when being on its way from Vung Ang port, central Ha Tinh province, to Bangladesh .-VNA