The southern province of Tay Ninh will invest nearly 50 billion VND in environmental protection in 2015, according to the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

It has set to tackle all polluted produc tion facilities and ensure all residential zones have standardized waste treatment systems.

Solid wastes and wastes discharged by hospitals will be collected and treated to standard environmental levels and up to 96 percent of rural people access clean water.

Among 27 environment protection projects and programmes intended for the work, Tay Ninh will firstly focus on addressing pollution o the Dong Nai River and other rivers running through the locality.

Besides, it will prioritise building concentrated wastewater treatment facilities for Tay Ninh urban city and Duong Minh Chau town and improving solid waste and wastewater treatment systems at nine district and municipal hospitals and healthcare centres.

In 2014, all industrial and export processing zones in the province have built their own wastewater treatment systems and 95 percent solid, hazardous and hospital wastes were collected and treated. Up to 94 percent of private production workshops installed equipment to treat their wastewater.-VNA