Bangkok, Jan. 18 (VNA/NNT) – The Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT) expects that the number of foreign tourists coming to Thailand in 2012 will increase by 8 percent, generating more than 760 billion baht in revenue.

Kongkrit Hiranyakit, TCT’s president for policy and planning, advised that the Government link two management plans together so that government and private agencies could manage the plans in the same direction.

The two plans include the prevention of natural disasters and epidemic outbreaks, and the reduction of man-made disaster risks, especially from political conflicts.

To gain more tourism profit and achieve the targeted number of tourists, Kongkrit urged the Government to step up its public relations campaigns while maintaining the existing strategies, such as the provision of risk insurance for foreign visitors to prop up their confidence.

Kongkrit also added that comprehensive management and clear-cut tourism promotion plans are vital. As Thailand will become part of the ASEAN Community in 2015, the Thai government should support Thailand’s private agencies to invest in neighboring countries. This can be another channel to raise more income for the country./.