Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has made efforts to entice Japanese investors to support the Dawei deep-water port in Myanmar during an interview with Japanese broadcaster NHK.

She reiterated that the Dawei project will transform the Myanmar port town into a maritime hub and thriving industrial zone. Once the ASEAN Economic Community takes effect in 2015, Thailand and Myanmar will become gateways to Asia and nearby regions.

Yingluck pointed out that in addition to implementing the 2-trillion-THB infrastructure projects, the Thai government has raised the daily minimum wage to 300 THB, as well as devising measures to lower production costs in a bid to equip the Thai population with higher spending capabilities.

During the interview, the premier also addressed the nation's internal conflicts, which included the Deep South violence, by saying that disputes could only be settled through peaceful and democratic means. According to her, the ongoing peace dialogues are aimed at building mutual trust and confidence.-VNA