Thailand and Bangladesh are aiming to push their trade to 1.7 billion USD in 2016, doubling their 2012 figure.

Meeting with Commerce Minister of Bangladesh Ghulam Mohammed Quader at the 3rd Joint Trade Committee (JTC) meeting, Thai Commerce Minister Boonsong asked Bangladesh to pressure its banks to make payments of imported goods to Thai exporters as soon as the shipment is received.

Quader, in exchange, asked Thailand to eradicate tariffs for 229 Bangladeshi products including jute, fish and hemp, as well as help educate Bangladeshi people on rubber farming and rubber production as Thailand is an expert in the field.

Bangladesh is Thailand’s 51st largest global trading partner, accounting for 0.18 percent of all foreign trades. In 2012, Thailand exported 764 million USD worth of goods to Bangladesh, while importing only 87 million USD worth of merchandise from it.-VNA