The Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) have agreed to cooperate with government organisations in establishing a currency committee to ensure baht stability in a meeting with the Ministry of Finance, a new media resource said.

The committee will focus on ensuring the stability of baht in terms of exchange rate and its value and preventing fluctuations of the currency in the future.

Thai baht is forecast to fluctuate within the range of 31.8 and 32.2 baht per US dollar this week unless there are major changes in the United State ’s monetary policy.

The range of baht against the greenback will depend on several factors in the US , such as property sales, consumer, housing and income indexes, among others, a report of the Kasikorn Research Center (KSC) stated.

Domestic factors are also considered to have impact on the fluctuation of baht, including overseas trade figures, July’s economic report, and the number of the jobless filing for unemployment benefits, it said.-VNA