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Bangkok (NNT/VNA) – It is the first time for Thailand to host an ASEAN Gastronomic Tourism fair and create networks to promote food-drawn tourism with quality food markets and gastronomic art.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports is organizing ASEAN Gastronomic Tourism fair to develop and promote gastronomic art with the use of non-toxic food ingredients, hand-woven cloth and pottery and decorative items at local and regional levels.

Tourism and Sports Minister Weerasak Kowsurat said the number of gastronomic tourists to Thailand rose by 26 percent last year, thus underlining the fact that this country has been outstanding for its Thai and foreign foods which have good tastes, diversity and quality.

The campaign is not for tourists to eat up so much food at famous restaurants but for them to find out the sources of the food, the culture of eating, the local wisdom for creative hand-made products and art related to food.

The ASEAN Gastronomic Tourism fair includes a seminar on ASEAN food development, a workshop with famous chefs, an ASEAN food exhibition and the cooperation between four food networks, namely Suk Jai market, Khon Kla Khuen Thin, Pracharath and Noo Joe Art and Farm, to open a marketplace for selected food shops with quality home-made food and organic fruit and vegetables such as flour made from brown rice and home-ground coffee as well as items of handicraft and art. – NNT/VNA