Thailand not extend registration deadline for illegal foreign workers hinh anh 1Thailand not extend registration deadline for illegal foreign workers (Illustrative photo: VNA)
Bangkok (VNA) - The number of undocumented foreign migrant workers registering to Thai authority has exceeded 700,000, the country’s Department of Employment (DOE) said on August 8, insisting it will not extend the deadline for registration.

The DOE released a statement citing that approximately 194,000 Thai employers submitted applications for over 772,000 foreign workers from July 24 – August 7, 28 percent of whom were Cambodian nationals, 12.6 percent were Lao and 58 percent were from Myanmar.

August 7 was the last day for the foreign workers registering for legal work permits in Thailand and the department will not extend the deadline at any of its 100 temporary centres across the country, the statement said.

Once the centres finished their work, each application will be examined in 30 days until September 6. Those from Myanmar and Cambodia will have to return home during this period to verify their nationalities while those from Laos can have their identity checked at the embassy and consulate general of Laos in Thailand.

This year, the registration was required for foreign workers from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, which share border with Thailand. These workers are only allowed to work as employees or domestic helpers.-VNA