The Thai Foreign Ministry has cautioned local travelers to postpone their trips to three countries in West Africa that have been hard hit by the Ebola outbreak.

In addition to delaying their non-essential travel to West Africa , Thai nationals should also closely follow updates from the World Health Organisation (WHO) website, said the ministry.

If a trip needs to be made to the Ebola-hit parts, the person in question needs to register their travel details including the name of their accommodation and flight plans with the Thai embassy in Senegal in the event of an emergency.

The ministry has also screened arriving passengers from West Africa at Suvarnabhumi Airport . All passengers from the region must fill out health check forms in case they want to enter the kingdom.

According to the WHO, the death toll from the deadly Ebola virus in the region has risen to 672, with Guinea hardest hit. The disease has already killed some of Liberia 's and Sierra Leone ’s top doctors.

Sierra Leone has declared a state of emergency, while Liberia has ordered schools to shut down in a bid to contain the disease from spreading.

The UN Medical Services Division has urged medical personnel to exercise extreme caution when visiting the disease-plagued region.-VNA