An art gallery called Thai-Vietnamese 333 Gallery opened in Bangkok , Thailand on April 28, to bring the two countries’ art lovers closer.

Tira Vanichteeranont, who worked and lived in Vietnam for 20 years, said he decided to open the gallery because the relations between Thailand and Vietnam are very good and a lot of Thais want to know more about the country.

Since 2011, the businessman has organised three tours to Vietnam for Thai painters. The artists composed many works on the life, nature, country and people of Vietnam during the tours.

Vanichteeranont himself has collected more than 200 paintings composed by Vietnamese artists during his stays in Vietnam .

The gallery will be a place for artists from the two countries to meet and exchange with each other, he stressed.

The paintings exhibited at the gallery will be on show at another exhibition scheduled for July in Ho Chi Minh City.-VNA