A scene of The Floating Lives (Source: Internet)
Canh Dong Bat Tan (The Floating Lives) was screened at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, on September 11, within the framework of the ASEAN Film Festival.

The film, directed by Nguyen Phan Quang Binh, is based on Southeast Asian Writers’ Awards winner Nguyen Ngoc Tu’s best-selling short story of the same name, which tells the story of a nomadic family living in a boat in the Mekong Delta. It has won several domestic and foreign titles.

Ambassador - Deputy Head of the Viet Nam Mission to the UN Pham Quoc Tru said that understanding different cultures is important to intensify mutual understanding among countries.

During the country’s international integration, the promotion of cultural products, like the screening of films and movies, will give the world a broader insight into Vietnam’s social life, including cinema activities, according to Tru.

The ASEAN Film Festival took place from September 1-11 at the UN headquarters in Geneva – the city famous for its cultural diversity.-VNA