When a society develops, it also changes people's lives. The Co Tu ethnic still keeps their precious cultural features, but some of them are gradually disappearing forever. For example, rattan roof houses are less to be seen in the local hamlets and villages.

Among the modern houses with flat corrugated iron roofs, it is not easy to find a traditional rattan roof stilt house at this time. The Co Tu people used to live in the stilt house, which has a unique architecture imbued with the Co Tu identity.

It can be said that through many generations, houses have become an important part of the identity of the Co Tu people. With their houses, the Co Tu people can't be mistaken for any other ethnic group.

Generations of people have been born and raised in wooden houses built by the skillful hands of fathers and mothers of the Co Tu ethnic. And above all, that tradition has existed thanks to the experience of thousands of ancient people.

Facing the concern of elders, the People's Committee of Tay Giang district has rebuilt the traditional village of Co Tu in the center of the district.

Here, a village with old-fashioned houses gathers around a Goul house, which is both a place for visitors to learn about the culture of the Co Tu people and also reminds the younger generation to always remember their roots of their ethnic./.