At around 4pm on April 6, Mr. Dang Dinh Nham's family in Hai village, Quang Be commune, Chuong My district, Hanoi held a well drilling. During construction, the ground suddenly subsided, forming a large sinkhol, causing many households to evacuate urgently.

According to witnesses, on the morning of April 6, Mr. Nham's family drilled a well. At 4pm, when they drilled to a depth of 47 meters, the incident happened. Fortunately no one was injured in the subsidence.

At first, the crater was just over 3 meters wide. After that, people mobilized a fresh concrete truck with more than 50 square meters to pour into the hole to prevent another subsidence but failed. The crater continued to expand to about 12 meters long, more than 5 meters wide, about 4 meters deep, many cracks on the road surface showed signs of spreading. By this morning, the crater was over 30 meters wide.

The crater area is s located in front of three houses (an one-storey one, a three-storey one and a five-storey one) used as a bussiness place for restaurant, pharmacy and repair shop. The floor of the pharmacy, electricity poles and many furniture were pulled down.

The subsidence area is more than 1.500 meters away from Day river and about 10 kilometers from the subsidence in Nam Phuong Tien commune (in April 2020). After the incident, to ensure safety, the People's Committee of Quang Be commune mobilized police forces to blockade the scene, warn people of danger and temporarily relocate 20 surrounding households, blockade 100 meters of provincial road 419, where the sickhole located./.