The Farsi version of “The Sorrow of War”, (“Noi buon chien tranh”), a novel by writer Bao Ninh, has been released in Iran.

This is the first Vietnamese novel to be translated into the Farsi language, with 2,000 copies published by Iran’s Ofoq private publishing house.

Some Vietnamese books published in Farsi are President Ho Chi Minh’s “Nhat Ky Trong Tu” (Prison Diary) and General Vo Nguyen Giap’s “Hoi Ky ve Dien Bien Phu” (Memoirs of Dien Bien Phu).
Nguyen Du’s “Truyen Kieu” (Kieu’s Story) is being translated by former Iranian Ambassador to Vietnam Seyed Kamal Sajjadi.

In 1994, the English version of “The Sorrow of War” translated by Phan Thanh Hao was published.

“The Sorrow of War” features an infantry soldier from Hanoi with his youth and pains of adolescent love during the bloody battles of the war, and then his attempts, as a struggling writer in postwar Hanoi, to come to grips with the savageries he has witnessed, to make sense of death, love, and loss -- and his own survival.-VNA