“Theoretical and practical issues on the Constitution in Vietnam and foreign experience” is the theme of a seminar in Hanoi on Sept. 5.

The event, organised by the managing board of a state-level project on theoretical and practical foundations for the amendment and supplementation of the 1992 Constitution, took place under the chair of National Assembly Vice Chairman Uong Chu Luu.

The seminar offered an opportunity for experts and scientists to evaluate viewpoints and thoughts on constitution of a number of influential scholars and politicians both at home and abroad.

The participants deliberated theoretical and practical matters regarding the role, position and content of the Constitution through Vietnam ’s different periods while comparing notes on foreign constitutional models and processes.

NA Vice Chairman Luu said Vietnam’s 60-year constitutional history with eight times of promulgation, amendment or supplementation shows that constitutional activities not only represent constitutional rights of the National Assembly but also mark the country’s historical milestones and offer an opportunity for the entire population to get involved in wide-scale democratic political activities.

Each change in the Constitution carries a profound historical significance, marking a transformation of the whole nation to enter a new development period, Luu said.

He asked experts and scientists to focus their discussion on major topics such as the history of constitutional thoughts and viewpoints in Vietnam, the role, position and basic functions of the Constitution and the link between the Constitution and people’s sovereignty./.