All the seats at Viet Tri Stadium were filled from about 30 minutes before the match between U23 Vietnam - U23 Indonesia took place. The attraction of the match made the stadium of Phu Tho province very hot, which gave the the spiritual strength to the team of head coach Park Hang-seo for the goal of having the first 3 points at the 31st SEA Games.

About 20.000 fans in the stands, where were filled with red and yellow stars, created a bustling atmosphere. Every fan hoped to join the U23 Vietnam team to create a brilliant victory right at their country. This is one of the beautiful images on the first day of the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam.

Not only inside the stadium, thousands of people also gathered at Hung Vuong Square in Viet Tri city to cheer for the U23 Vietnam team by watching the match through a large LED screen. The U23 Vietnam football team and the 31st SEA Games really created one of the most brilliant festivals in Viet Tri city, and many families chose to watch the football match at the square and make this as a opportunity to gather and change the atmosphere like going on a picnic./.