National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung’s official visit to three European countries has opened up new opportunities for cooperation, affirmed Head of the NA Committee for External Relations Tran Van Hang.

In an interview granted to the press after Chairman Hung concluded his tour of Russia , Germany and Poland on March 17 , Hang affirmed that the legislative chief’s visit was a success and consolidated cooperation with the three countries in a range of areas, first of all in law making, especially building the constitution.

Vietnam and the three countries have also agreed to coordinate closer in supervising the implementation of their respective bilateral cooperation agreements and projects, with a view to raising the efficiency of their diplomatic, political, socio-cultural and economic cooperation.

They agreed to increase coordination in viewpoints and support for each other on international forums, particularly regarding sensitive issues of mutual concerns.

Hang noted that in Russia , which established a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership with Vietnam last year, Hung and the host reached consensus on bolstering economic cooperation, especially between Russia ’s Far Eastern and Vietnam ’s central region.

Regarding Germany which has just established a strategic partnership with Vietnam , Hung’s visit has a special meaning as it is the first official visit made by a high-ranking national assembly leader between the two countries over the past 20 years.

Meanwhile, the NA Chairman’s visit to Poland , a traditional friend, has resulted in agreement by both sides to work to build a strategic partnership, thus facilitating bilateral all-round cooperation.

During the tour, the top legislator met with overseas Vietnamese in the three countries. The OV community have contributed many opinions to the draft amendments of the 1992 Constitution, particularly policies towards the community.-VNA