An economist has called for a trademark strategy exclusively designed for the Mekong Delta, plus a string of comprehensive policies ranging from planning, investment, production to market connectivity in a bid to improve its brand recognition both at home and abroad.

Tran Huu Hiep, head of the Economics Department under the Steering Committee for the South-western Region said at a workshop in the southern city of Can Tho on January 14 that it is urgent to build trademarks for key products in the region.

As the leading Vietnamese area in terms of rice, seafood and a variety of well-known fruits, the Mekong Delta earns its reputation for such key brand names as Cho Dao fragrant rice, Lo Ren star apple, Phu Quoc fish sauce, not to mention its processed tra and shrimp products.

Regional firms, which fail to make their own brands known, have fallen behind their rivals in export markets.
Participants pointed this to the fact that the Mekong Delta has yet to identify any potential product or service that needs stronger investment. Added to this, its enterprises tend to operate on their own, leading to weak connections with their partners to establish strong trademarks.

Duong Quoc Xuan, deputy head of the committee, said regional firms and localities should learn more about building a trademark identification system via the event.

He urged the National Office of Intellectual Property to offer relevant information while evaluating intellectual properties. According to him, there should be a mechanism to protect and develop intellectual assets in the region.

The workshop was a joint effort between the Ministry of Science and Technology’s National Office of Intellectual Property and the Steering Committee for the South-western Region.-VNA