Vietnamese taekwondo martial artists have finalised their preparations for the coming London Olympics next August.

The country's martial artists earned two tickets to the world's biggest sports festival at qualifiers last month.

"The Olympic Games are an important event so we need to have specific plans to be successful," said Vu Xuan Thanh, head of the taekwondo department of the National Sports Administration.

The two athletes, Chu Hoang Dieu Linh and Le Huynh Chau, will take part in training courses and competitions abroad.

"In the first stage, they will compete at an open event in Germany in March. Three months later they will have a 15-day training session in the Republic of Korea or China in preparation for the Asian championships," Thanh said.

"The German tournament is one of the official events of the World Taekwondo Federation which draws some of the strongest rivals. Through it our fighters will gain more experience. More than that, if they achieve high results there, Vietnamese candidates will get an advantage in case of draws at the Olympics."

In the decisive second stage, another training course for two months in Europe will be provided. The destination will be chosen after the European zone qualifying round in the middle of next month.

Apart from powerful rivals at the Olympics, Vietnamese fighters will also meet another challenge as organisers have decided to use Daedo electronic protection gear in stead of the more familiar Lajust brand.

"It will be a big challenge for us. Not only for Vietnam but also for any Asian fighters using Lajust items. There are some differences between the two brands, and competitors must familiarise themselves with the new equipment, which sometimes requires them to even change their fighting style," said Thanh. /.