Nam Dinh is the sacred land of the Viet people and the native place of the Tran Dynasty which was the most prosperous dynasty in Viet Nam and famous for defeating the Mongol Yuan invasions for three times.

Local residents in the Thanh Nam Old Quarter in Nam Dinh City, Nam Dinh Province built a complex of Tran Temple to worship and remember the merits of the 14 Kings.

Nowadays, the Tran Temple complex is located on Tran Thua Road, Loc Vuong District, Nam Dinh City. Thien Truong Temple (the upper temple) stands in the centre of the complex, worshipping the Tran Kings and the royal princes.

Co Trach Temple (the lower temple), on the right of Thien Truong Temple, is devoted to General Tran Hung Dao and his family. On the left of the Thien Truong Temple is Trung Hoa Temple.

Built in 2000, the temple is dedicated to the council of mandarins. Inside the Trung Hoa Temple, there are 14 bronze statues of the 14 kings of the Tran Dynasty.

The Tran Dynasty is a special and significant cultural and historical site of Nam Dinh Province and was classified as a national historical site in 2012./.