Tran Thuong Temple is a location that is closely related to the heroic history of the Tran Dynasty. Legend has it that this place was where Hung Dao Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan stored and hid his food supplies and weapons.

The temple is located in Tran Thuong hamlet, Nhan Dao commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province.

The temple consists of external nghi mon, inner nghi mon, 5 buildings, 15 compartments which are divided into 3 palaces: First Palace, Second Palace and Third Palace, along with 5 Ngoc (Pearl) wells.

The architectural decoration of the temple has many different themes and motifs that are elaborately depicted, such as two dragons gazing at the moon, flying dragon, dancing phoenix, water, waves and clouds...

Moreover, Tran Thuong temple still retains many ancient worshiping objects such as the worshiping throne, statues of Nghe and tortoises, incense bowls and other items such as horizontal lacquered boards, couplets, antique bells and a silver sword whose sheath is made of precious tortoise shells and is only displayed on festive days.

In 1989, Tran Thuong temple was classified as a national historical – cultural relic and by 2015, it was recognized as a Special National Relic site.