Transport Minister Dinh La Thanh continued to reply to questions raised by National Assembly deputies on November 19 at their ongoing eighth session, focusing mainly on the structure of the transport system and ways to deal with overloaded vehicles.

In response to queries raised by Hung Yen province representative Dang Ngoc Quynh on the current transport structure, Minister Thang said the system was inappropriate, with road transport dominating, while railway and waterway transport were not utilised fully.

Under the transportation development strategy approved by the Prime Minister, the sector will be restructured by increasing the market share of maritime transport, by decreasing automobile transport and by cutting transport fees, he said.

Answering the question of deputy Nguyen Van Phuc, Ha Tinh province, on controlling overloaded vehicles, Thang said this issue was part of the planned measures to restructure the sector, helping to make road transport fees reflect its real value.

He pledged that by the end of 2015, overloaded vehicles would no longer be on the road.

In response to deputy Le Thi Cong from Ba Ria-Vung Tau province on how to ensure the quality of transport infrastructure, especially the National Highway 51, Thang said the ministry devised a number of solutions and measures to effectively implement infrastructure projects.

Concluding Thang’s Q&A session, NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung urged Thang to review all strategies and plans, and make adjustments, if necessary, to ensure all the targets are met.

He asked Thang to mobilise domestic and international resources with the support of private enterprises and the State during implementation.

He said he hoped a follow-up report on the results of the implementation of the commitments made by Thang during the Q&A session will be submitted to the NA next year.

Particularly, he requested Thang pay more attention to the quality and efficiency of transport investments, as well as the closer control of projects to ensure road and transport infrastructure effectively serve the country’s economic interests.

At the same time, the Ministry of Transport should work harder to reduce traffic accidents, he said. While some localities saw a decline of up to 20-30 percent in traffic accidents, others reported an increase, the NA Chairman noted.

Meanwhile, he requested measures be adopted to enhance the quality of transport services, while stepping up the restructuring of transport enterprises, and making better use of the waterway transport system.

Thang’s responses were praised by a number of deputies who remarked that he gave honest and direct answers to contentious issues, including the Kim Lien-O Cho Dua route, clearly defining his responsibility and outlining specific solutions.

Ngo Van Minh from Quang Nam province said Minister Thang acknowledged the reality and limitations of the transport system as well as his responsibilities, while setting out roadmaps to solve each problem.

He said he hoped in future Thang would act upon his commitment to control investments, especially the Long Thanh international airport project.-VNA