The United Kingdom’s International Development Committee (IDC) under the UK parliament on March 12 recommended the Department for International Development (DfID) boost aid to Myanmar to 100 million GBP.

Myanmar, which has developed considerably over last few years, is one of the poorest countries in Asia due to many years of sanctions and inner conflicts, IDC said in a report about the country.

It noted that Myanmar’s GDP per capita is about 800 USD, a mere one sixth of Thailand’s. Over 30 percent of Myanmar’s 50-million population is living in poverty, despite its abundance of natural resources.

The IDC recommended that the UK can assist Myanmar in such fields as improving governance capacity, parliamentary operation and education.

DfID aid to Myanmar rose to 63 million GBP in 2014 from 32 million GBP last year. The department has also increased the number of its staff based in Yangon from 12 to 26, who are mainly involved in health projects. Most of the UK aid to Myanmar has been deployed through the United Nations and local non-governmental organisations.-VNA