The UK will provide 153,500 USD for the Immigration Department of Vietnam to run a nationwide information campaign to raise awareness about the risks and dangers of illegal migration and human trafficking.

The contract was signed by the British Ambassador to Vietnam , Mark Kent, and the director general of the Immigration Department, Vu Thanh Binh, on March 19 in Hanoi .

Implementing this project, the Immigration Department will work closely with the relevant agencies of Vietnam , the British Embassy and local and international experts to run an intensive information campaign throughout the country.

The campaign will have three main elements: production of a documentary on migration issues; distribution of a leaflet to people at risk; and distribution of a handbook to Vietnamese officials working on migration, labour and tourism issues.

The project is designed to raise the Vietnamese people’s awareness of human trafficking.

“Migration remains high on the agenda of the UK Government and is a priority activity of the UK in Vietnam . By providing a better understanding of the risks, dangers and inevitable consequences of illegal migration in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, people will be better able to protect themselves,” said Ambassador Mark Kent./.