Unique rice-sowing festival of the Brau in central highlands

Living in Vietnam’s Central Highlands, the Brâu ethnic minority group has a distinctive culture and traditional festivals, including the rice-sowing festival. Let’s take a look!

The rice sowing festival, which is organized after the slash-and-burn season, is the first and most important festival of the year for the Brau. The Brau people believe that the Earth, Water and Rice deities are decisive for their crops.

Brau people grow gourds, pumpkins, and eggplants along with rice. Before the festival, Brau women prepare these seeds to bring to the communal house. The seeds are then placed on the ceremonial pole. The shaman and village elder conduct the ritual.

After the prayers, the ritual continues with Tha gongs. During the beating of gongs, a village elder recites prayers, asking for good luck.

The Brau is one of the five ethnic groups with the smallest population in the Central Highlands, estimated at some 400./.