Thailand’s higher education system has secured the eighth place in Asia and the 41st in the world, while its ASEAN neighbour, Singapore's, is the best in Asia.

The leading global network of research on universities for the 21st century, Universitas 21, has revealed the results of its research into national education systems which gives the ranking of countries which are the ‘best’ at providing higher education.

With a total of 48 countries included on the list, the ranking is based on the resources, environment, connectivity and output of each country’s higher education system.
Securing the position of the best higher education provider on the Universitas 21 Ranking of higher education systems is the US , who scored a full mark of 100. Other countries at the top of the list include Sweden (83.6), Canada (82.8), Finland (82.0) and Denmark (81.0).

Despite its 11th position on the world list, Singapore is at the lead of the Asian scoreboard, with 74.5 out of 100 points.

Meanwhile, Thailand , who ranks 41st on the world list with a score of 46.6, is Asia 's eight best higher education provider.-VNA