Uprising by national heroines commemorated hinh anh 1A palanquin procession in the Hai Ba Trung Temple festival (Photo: hanoimoi.com.vn)

Hanoi (VNA) – A ceremony marking the 1976th anniversary of an uprising led by Hai Ba Trung (Trung Sisters) against foreign invaders was held in Me Linh district, Hanoi, on February 13.

The function was attended by Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan.

In 40 AD, Trung Sisters staged an uprising against the Han invaders from China. In only a short period of time, the uprising regained the entire territory of Vietnam then.

After the victory, Trung Trac – the elder sister – became King who chose Me Linh, where the fight was launched, to be the capital.

However, the Han army returned three years later and defeated the Sisters and their army.

A temple was built after their death to commemorate the dedication of Hai Ba Trung. Meanwhile, a festival is held on the sixth day of the first lunar month annually – the day the uprising began, which falls on February 13 this year, to pay homage to the Sisters.

The Hai Ba Trung Temple Festival will last until February 17 with diverse traditional rituals and cultural activities.-VNA