US imposes sanctions on Thai aviation company hinh anh 1A plane of Iran's Mahan Air (Photo: AFP)

Washington DC (VNA) – The US on September 14 imposed sanctions upon a Thai aviation firm accused of operating on behalf of Iran’s Mahan Air, which is currently punished for allegedly ferrying weapons and warriors into Syria.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) under the US Department of Treasury announced that My Aviation Company Limited, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, was accused of providing cargo services and passenger booking services for Mahan Air.

The OFAC’s announcement quoted US Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin as saying that My Aviation has disregarded numerous US warnings, issued publicly and delivered bilaterally to the Thai government, to sever ties with Mahan Air.

This decision was made amid the escalating Iran-US tension after US President Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (RCPOA) and re-imposed a wave of unilateral sanctions against Iran.–VNA