Administrator of the US Environment Protection Agency Gina McCarthy on April 16 took part in an exchange with students of the University of Natural Resources and Environment in Hanoi as part of her ongoing visit to Vietnam.

Arguing that environmental pollution goes beyond a country’s border, McCarthy said it is necessary to make it clear that fighting against environmental degradation is the responsibility of the whole community and the world.

Today, climate change causes the increase of diseases and pandemics, as well as a decrease in agriculture productivity, while resulting in disasters like floods, storms and sea level rise, she explained, adding that all people have become vulnerable to climate change.

Owning a long coastline, Vietnam faces many typhoons and other natural disasters every year, she noted.

According to experts, if the sea level rises by 1m at the end of this century, about 40 percent of the Mekong Delta area and 11 percent of the Red River Delta region will be submerged, affecting the lives of millions of locals.

The US official said Vietnam and the US are working together via the US Agency for International Development and Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, to minimise the negative impacts of climate change in those regions.

According to McCarthy, education plays an important role in the protection of the environment and cooperation and information sharing should involve the whole community.

She added that a clean and healthy environment is the foundation for sustainable economy, thus environment protection and economic benefit are not contrary to each other.

McCarthy expressed her belief that with their practical activities, youngsters around the world will be a strong force in making the earth cleaner, safer and healthier.-VNA