Provinces and cities nationwide are organising a wide range of activities to share in the joy with Catholic followers on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas.

In the southern coastal province of Phu Yen which is home to more than 18,000 Catholics and Protestants, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Dao Tan Loc and Chairman of the provincial People’s Council Huynh Tan Viet on Dec. 20 visited dignitaries and followers to wish them a merry Christmas.

Loc affirmed the province’s government always creates favourable conditions for parishioners to practise their religion and involve in local socio-cultural activities.

Meanwhile in the central province of Quang Nam, the provincial People’s Committee held a meeting with representatives of Christian priests, nuns and followers on the occasion of Christmas.

During the meeting, the province’s leaders spoke highly of the contributions made by the church and followers, to local development and to charity, healthcare, education and poverty reduction.

The religious representatives expressed deep gratitude towards the province’s government for the socio-economic development programmes to improve the living standards for local people.

On the same day in the northern province of Hai Duong, the province’s leaders visited and gave Christmas presents to local priests and parishioners.

Hai Duong’s leaders were full of praise for the role of priests, nuns and followers in implementing socio-economic targets over the past year.

They pledged to continue to support and create the best conditions for the dignitaries and followers in their religious activities./.