Vietcombank Fund Management's Tactical Balanced Fund (TBF) debuted in Hanoi on October 31.

TBF is the first open-ended mutual fund from VCBF, a joint venture between Vietcombank and global fund management company Franklin Templeton Investments.

It is also the first of its kind to invest in both equity and fixed income securities.

The fund provides investors with a unique opportunity to participate in the growth of the Vietnamese economy through an investment strategy that is focused on creating long-term wealth by balancing the risks and rewards, said Avinash Satwalekar, CEO and CIO of VCBF.

It plans to invest in stocks, mainly those with large market capitalisation, government bonds, municipal bonds or bonds guaranteed by the Government, and high-quality listed corporate bonds.

The minimum investment is 5 million VND with subsequent increments of 1 million VND.

Registration to buy into the fund will close on November 29.-VNA