Vietnam always attaches much importance to cooperation with South Africa in socio-politics and trade, investment and tourism, a senior official of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) has affirmed.

Hoang Binh Quan, Head of the CPV Central Committee’s Commission for External Relations made the statement during his meeting with Chris Mahlako, Secretary for International Relations of the South African Communist Party in Johannesburg on June 10.

He stressed that Vietnam and South Africa make use of their plentiful common values and interest for mutual interest.

Regarding bilateral ties, he affirmed the CPV’s desire to further consolidate and boost the two countries’ friendship and cooperation as well as effective coordination at multilateral and international forums to help each other broaden ties to Asia and Africa.

During the meeting, the two sides briefed each other on the development of each party and discussed international issues of common concerns.

They agreed on the need to further foster bilateral cooperation between the two parties through exchanges of information and delegations as well as conferences on party activities.

Hoang Binh Quan underscored the strong solidarity between the two parties shown during each country’s revolution.

Vietnam always supported South Africa in its struggle against the Apathies regime and became one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with the African nation in 1993, he noted.

For his part, Mahlako praised the achievements that Vietnam, under the leadership of the CPV, has gained during their struggle for independence in the past as well as the current national construction.

He said with its position in Africa, South Africa can organise joint conferences, enabling Vietnam to share its experience and progress to not only South Africa but all African countries.

South Africa also hopes that through Vietnam, the country will get more understanding on new development in the Asia-Pacific region, he said.-VNA