The Executive Board of CIGRE Vietnam made its debut in Da Nang on November 7, making CIGRE Vietnam the 59th member of the International Council On Large Electric Systems.

Founded in 1921 in France, CIGRE is an international non-profit organisation that promotes collaboration between experts all around the world by sharing knowledge and working together to improve electric power systems.

According to Dang Hung, Chairman of the Vietnam Electricity Association, Vietnam first joined CIGRE in 1992 when the country built its 500kV transmission grid.

However, due to limited funds, CIGRE Vietnam had to stop its operations in 2009, he added.

Speaking at the event, Kyoichi Uehara, Secretary of the Japanese National Committee of CIGRE (JNC), explained that as part of the 2013 framework of CIGRE’s Asia Oceanic Regional Committee (AORC), JNC worked with Vietnam to restore CIGRE Vietnam’s operations, which included developing plans; operating electricity systems; and designing, building and using high voltage equipment.

Kyoichi Uehara highlighted the increase in the number of CIGRE members, with Asian members accounting for a quarter. CIGRE currently has 58 national committees and 16 research committees.

He said Vietnam was invited to attend the AORC technical meeting in Sabah, Malaysia in August 2015./.