Ambassador Nguyen Trung Thanh, Head of Vietnam’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, has called for promoting dialogue and cooperation to address human rights issues in Iran, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), and Myanmar.

In his remarks during the third working week at the 28th regular session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva, Switzerland, the ambassador said Vietnam shared the international community’s concern about human rights and humanitarian issues in the DPRK, including the abduction issue and the need to ensure the rights to food, healthcare and education for its citizens.

Vietnam supports efforts for constructive dialogues and cooperation between parties concerned to address any existing problems, he said, adding that Vietnam stands ready to join endeavours to promote and facilitate substantial dialogues among related parties.

On the status of human rights in Iran, he lauded the recent commitments and progress in the country, particularly regarding women’s status and the rights to education and healthcare, as well as its collaboration with relevant UN mechanisms, including the second cycle of the Universal Periodic Review.

He suggested Iran and relevant parties build on the positive momentum and hold practical dialogues towards addressing issues of shared concern.

In a speech as an incumbent member of the UNHCR, Thanh said Vietnam welcomed Myanmar’s achievements in reform, democratisation and national reconciliation that have translated into social stability, economic development, improved gender equality and protected rights of vulnerable groups, including ethnic minorities.

Vietnam took note of the international community’s interest in Myanmar’s process towards elections in 2015, he said, adding that the concern should be expressed in line with international laws, particularly the principles of self-determination and no interference in internal affairs as stipulated in the UN Charter.

Given Myanmar’s needs for global cooperation and technical support in the protection and promotion of citizens’ rights, the Vietnamese delegate said the assistance should be provided through sincere dialogues as opposed to exerting political pressure.

In its capacity as a co-Coordinator of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) at the UNHRC, Vietnam also reiterated the ASEAN’s solidarity with Myanmar and backing of the country’s commitments to reform, democratisation and national reconciliation as well as its good will coordination with the UN’s relevant mechanisms.

Thanh conveyed the ASEAN’s message that the international community needs to take an objective and unbiased approach free from double standards and politicisation when it comes to considering human rights concerns.

During the session which is to conclude on March 27, the UNHCR will weigh the possibility of issuing resolutions or decisions on human rights situation in the DPRK, Iran, Myanmar and Syria, among others, and discuss more than 30 other topics.-VNA