Vietnam, China’s border provinces intensify cooperation in illegal migration control hinh anh 1 Mong Cai International Border Gate in the northern province of Quang Ninh which borders China's Guangxi. Illustrative photo. (Source: VNA)
Quang Ninh (VNA) – Border provinces of Vietnam and China on August 5 agreed to further step up cooperation in verifying and returning illegal migrants during their talks held at Quang Ninh’s Mong Cai International Border Gate.

Border guard commands of the four northern provinces of Quang Ninh, Lang Son, Cao Bang and Ha Giang, which border China’s Guangxi, met with the Chinese province’s border control force to discuss ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19, strengthen immigration supervision and control, combat cross-border crimes and illegal immigration, and intensify border patrol, given that both countries are battling the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 resurgence.

Since the outset of the pandemic early last year, the two sides have flexibly and effectively maintained information exchange and coordination though restrictions induced by COVID-19 forced them to restrain from direct meetings and cancel scheduled cooperation and friendly exchange activities.

The two sides have conducted three joint border patrols, arrested 149 illegal migration brokers who had arranged illegal entries and exits for 347 nationals of both sides, and caught nearly 11,000 people unlawfully entering Vietnam.

They have also arrested 48 drug smugglers, seizing 273kg of synthetic drugs and over 5.4kg of heroin, contributing to maintaining order, security and safety in the shared border areas and building a shared border of peace, friendship, stability and development.

Additionally, the two sides have closely worked together to facilitate the entry of Chinese diplomats, experts, investors and skilled workers into Vietnam, as well as cross-border trade, particularly shipments of Vietnamese agricultural products to China./.