The Vietnam Festival 2015, a cultural exchange rendezvous closed in Tokyo, Japan on June 15 to the joy and closeness of festival-goers.

About 180,000 coming from Japan, the US, Australia, India, UK and France flocked to the festival on June 13-14, enjoying the diversity of Vietnamese and Japanese cultures, including art performances and a show of water puppetry – a folk art originating in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam.

They also feasted on Vietnamese traditional specialties such as pho (noodle soup with beef or chicken), nem cuon (spring rolls) and beer.

The festival has become a bridge of friendship connecting the two peoples as well as Vietnamese expatriates in Japan, said Vietnamese Ambassador Doan Xuan Hung in his closing speech, adding that hopefully, it would spread to other cities across Japan as an indispensable cultural exchange feast.

To their delight, head of Japanese organising board Matsuda and visitors shouted out “Vietnam-Japan”, rousing the vibrant atmosphere around Yoyogi park.

In the end, the festival was declared as an annual event to foster friendship between the two peoples.-VNA