Seeking Alpha, a stock market blog, wrote that Vietnam has the conditions that give it strong long-term growth potential and that Vietnam has the opportunity to capitalize on its large population base.

An article posted on May 18 on the New York - based blog added Vietnam's GDP growth has remained relatively robust over the years and even with the global recession in 2008, annual GDP growth didn't take too much of a hit.

The article forecast that Vietnam's economy probably would chug along at a pace of around 5-7 percent, which is not bad, it added.

Seeking Alpha wrote: "In terms of GDP per capita, Vietnam has been on a consistent upward parabolic trend. This is a good thing, as higher GDP per capita tends to make countries targets for global companies and can increase the pace of development through bringing in investment and creating jobs."

It pointed to Vietnam 's strong point of cheap labour, saying " Vietnam is consistently adding a million or so people a year to its population, which is good for cheap labour as a competitive advantage line."

However, the blog warned of rists in investing in this emerging market, at least in the short term. According to the blog, Vietnam's increase of interest rates this week would lead to inflation rise; and as inflation climbs, there would be a risk that the price spike hurts economic growth by breaking business models that are sensitive to a rise in prices/.