The Vietnam Integrity Alliance made its debut on May 7 in Hanoi, creating a foundation for enterprises, organisations and experts to enhance mutual support in promoting standards of integrity in all fields, while implementing anti-corruption initiatives.

The alliance was introduced during a meeting of more than 100 representatives of enterprises and leaders of the chambers of commerce of Europe (EuroCham), Canada (CanCham) and Australia (AusCham) in Vietnam , as well as the British Business Group Vietnam (BBGV).

Established on the basis of a voluntary and unbinding commitment, the alliance targets a business environment of transparency, equality and fairness.

It aims to support and foster regulations related to integrity, transparency, accountability and effective governance in Vietnam , making the country an attractive destination for investors.

It will also back the business community to make changes in the field, while encouraging new ideas of integrity from organisations and private sector as well as domestic and foreign partners, calling for their engagement in anticorruption.

EuroCham’s Vice President Michael Behrens said the chamber lauds the reformation of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Internal Affairs, which manifests Vietnam ’s determination to improve its investment environment and enhance its competitiveness.

EuroCham is ready to join the alliance to share its ideas on Europe ’s initiatives on integrity with Vietnamese businesses, he said.

During the meeting, a group of leaders were selected to conduct the agreed activities, starting from building integrity commitments.

The first meeting of the group is scheduled to be held this June.-VNA