The Vietnam Grand Prix 2013, an international open badminton tournament, concluded in Ho Chi Minh City on December 8 with some electric final clashes featuring standout performance from players representing the Republic of Korea (RoK).

The tournament’s sixth seed Wan Ho-son of the RoK defeated Malaysia’s Chun Seang Tan 21-14, 21-9 in the men’s singles final.

Chinese player Bing Jiao He only took 21 minutes to finish the women’s singles final against Hera Desi of Indonesia who was seeded second at the competition.

In the men’s doubles final, Fran Kurniawan and Bona Septano from Indonesia grabbed gold medals after beating Chia Yu Lin and Hsiao Lin Wu of Chinese Taiwan 18-21, 21-18 and 21-18.

The RoK’s A Ra Ko and Haewon Yoo held on to record a 2-1 win over Anscelly and Fie Cho Soong of Malaysia in the women’s doubles.

As a World Badminton Federation (BWF) tournament, 237 badminton players from 13 countries and territories competed.-VNA