Leaders of the Fine Arts Associations of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia held a friendship meeting in Hanoi on December 12, to share initiatives in strengthening their ties.

They concurred with a proposal made by the Vietnamese association’s chairman Tran Khanh Chuong on organising exhibitions to introduce art works of all three countries to the public, while promoting exchange and bilateral meetings among the countries.

The Chairmen of the f ine arts associations of Laos and Cambodia expressed their gratitude to their Vietnamese counterpart for its support in the last years, saying that they hope the cooperation between the three sides will increasingly develop in the future.

Since 2004, 11 delegations of Lao and Cambodian painters visited and worked in Vietnam while nine artist delegations from Vietnam attended events in the two neighbouring countries.

This is the second time leaders of the three associations has met to exchange views on their common concerns in the art field. The third event of its kind will be held Phnom Penh , Cambodia in 2015.-VNA