A symposium on gender and forestry issues took place on April 23 in Hanoi to discuss ways to promote gender equality in forest protection.

The event was jointly held by the Centre for People and Forests known as RECOFTC and the REDD+ National Action Programme, as part of a project on enhancing capacity for forestry-related parties at grassroots level in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation ( REDD).

According to Deputy Director of the General Department of Forestry Nguyen Ba Ngai, the event provided opportunities for domestic and foreign experts to unearth challenges and shortcomings in the integration of gender issues in forest protection and adaptation to climate change.
For his part, Programme Coordinator at RECOFTC Chandra Silori said the gender issue plays an important role in forest protection and climate change.

Women are more sensitive to impacts from climate change, the coordinator said, adding that women make up 70 percent of the 1.6 billion poor people all over the world earning their living from forests.

Silori added that there are differences between men and women in their awareness of and how they exploit forests, which should be taken into account when designing policies and projects to ensure the success of REDD + .

During the workshop, participants illustrated the difficulties and challenges in realising gender equality in forest management and discussed measures to cope with the challenges.-VNA