Vietnam's 2015 football season will kick off with the National Super Cup match between Hai Phong and Becamex Binh Duong at Go Dau Stadium on December 27.

Hai Phong are the winner of the National Super Cup while Binh Duong are the V-League defending champions.

After the Super Cup match, V-League, the national premier league, will begin on January 4 and wrap up on September 20, according to the Vietnam Professional Football Joint Stock Company, manager of all men's leagues.

A total of 14 teams will compete in the league's two-leg round-robin format. One team will be relegated to the bottom for the lowest number of victories. This means the winner of V-League 2, with eight participants playing from April 11 to August 29, will be promoted and take the place of the V-League's lowest ranked team.

The National Cup will be held from April 4 to September 26.

V-League teams are allowed to use two foreign players and one naturalised player while V-League 2 teams are allowed to use only one naturalised player.

The organisers have ruled that all V-League participants must have five youth squads from U13 to U21 training under them, and at least four of them have to take part in the national youth championships.

They have also ruled that all V-League 2 participants must have at least three youth squads training under them.-VNA