Vietnam vehemently protests against a censorship order issued by Australia's Victoria State Supreme Court concerning the Australian-style polymer note printing case, Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Hai Binh said on August 8.

The censorship issued by Supreme Court in Victoria state on June 19 which lists names of several senior foreign officials, including those from Vietnam, is an act of ill intention, which negatively affects the personal dignity of Vietnamese officials and Vietnam’ s image as well as the relations between Vietnam and Australia, he said.

The spokesman noted that Vietnam’s relevant agencies had closely coordinated with the Australian side to conduct investigations into allegations that a number of citizens of Australia and the UK bribed foreign officials, including those of Vietnam. The investigations produced no documents or evidence on the alleged corruptive acts.

He also made clear that in 2012, the courts of Australia and the UK issued judgments saying that the allegations are groundless.

Therefore, Vietnam requests that Australia give clear explanations on the censorship order and make public impartial and truthful information on the case, Binh said.

On August 7, Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry handed a diplomatic objecting to the case to the Australian Embassy in Hanoi.-VNA