An international seminar on the Law of the Sea of Vietnam and the Republic of Korea (RoK) took place in the RoK city of Busan on October 29.

The event was jointly organised by the Research Centre for the Law of the Sea under the Vietnam Research Institute, Yongsan University , and the Institute of Ocean Sciences under the RoK Ministry of Natural Resources, Land and Oceanography.

Addressing the event, Director of the Research Institute for Maritime Law under the Youngsan University Jang Seong-ki said the event offers the two countries’ scholars a chance to present historic and practical legal evidence to solve issues related to territorial waters dispute, thus ensuring peace and stability in the region.

Vo Khanh Vinh, a representative of the Vietnam Institute of Social Sciences, said the Law of the Sea of Vietnam serves as a foundation for the country to settle territorial waters dispute with other countries in the spirit of respecting international law, especially the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

Participants at the event agreed that the UNCLOS is an important legal basis for coastal countries like Vietnam and the RoK to affirm their sovereignty and jurisdiction in accordance with the convention. It is also a foundation for the demarcation of the seas overlapped with other countries./.VNA