The involvement of authorities at all levels, enterprises, social organisations and people in developing green cities in Vietnam through promoting green growth is urgently needed.

The suggestion was made by General Secretary of the Association of Cities in Vietnam Vu Thi Vinh during a recent interview with Vietnam News Agency.

Green growth plays an important role in ensuring sustainable and effective economic development in Vietnam , significantly contributing to implementing the national strategy on climate change, Vinh said.

In 2012, the Prime Minister approved t he National Green Growth Strategy for the 2011-2020 period with a vision to 2050.

Green growth has been of increasing concern to many countries in the world in recent years. It is considered the shortest way towards sustainable economic development as it contributes to creating jobs, reducing poverty and improving the material and spiritual life of all people.

The establishment of a green growth economy is based on an investment increase in protecting the environment, development and efficient use of natural resources , reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the improvement of environmental quality , thus stimulating economic growth, Vinh stressed.

On the other hand, green growth development should also be based on science and modern technologies which are suitable to Vietnam ’s conditions, she added.

Vietnam set a target of urbanising sustainably through making and managing plans. Areas which are affected by climate change are required to adjust infrastructure development appropriately to reduce losses to the economy.

The country has over 760 urbanised areas, of them 111 are cities and towns, Vinh said, noting that urbanisation, industrialisation and modernisation have brought many remarkable economic achievements, changing the landscape of Vietnam ’s urban areas.

However, urban development also shows many limitations, having a negative effect on natural resources and causing water pollution, she added.

For the success of green growth, political resolve of authorities is very important, according to the expert, who also underlined the important role played by enterprises and the private sector. She said enterprises should apply modern technologies to increase effectiveness of production and create environmentally friendly products, contributing to boosting sustainable development.

At the same time, people, as “green consumers”, should not use products that will damage their health and the environment. They are entitled to ask providers to create and supply eco-friendly products and services. Changes in awareness and habits in purchasing and using goods will contribute to changing society for the better.-VNA