In the second half of this year, another six national golf tournaments are due to take place, according to the Vietnam Golf Association.

The Faldo Series Vietnam will be held at the Laguna Lang Co Golf Course over this weekend; the National Amateur Championships will take place on the Montgomerie Links Course on August 7-11; the National Women's Golf Open at Kings Island Golf Course will be played from November 8-10; and the Journey to Homeland Competition at Kings Island Golf Course on October 26-27.

In addition, the Ryder Cup Viet Nam will be played at Kings Island Golf Course on December 5-8 and the BRG Hanoi Junior Tour will be contested at Dong Mo Golf Course from April 21 to November 1.

Golf in Vietnam is rapidly gaining in popularity, with 31 courses currently operational and roughly 10,000 people regularly playing a round of golf.-VNA