Vietnam has been called on to promptly map out a national strategy on talent, in order to optimise the utility of this valuable resource for speeding up its national industrialisation and modernisation.

Accordingly, a project aimed at establishing theoretical and realistic foundations for the creation of a national talent strategy was launched in Hanoi on March 30.

The project was led by Ho Duc Viet, former Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) and former Chairman of the CPVCC’s Organisation Commission.

According to the official, since its founding Vietnam has recognised the importance of talent to the country’s multi-dimensional growth and its Party and State have paid constant attention to finding, training and utilising talented people, especially for the current renewal process.

He said Party and State have adopted various training projects to enable excellent university students and competent State officials to study abroad, in an effort to prepare a contingent of proficient personnel for the nation’s sustainable development.

Viet also referred to policies and guidelines aimed at attracting talented people working in different fields inside and outside the country, as well as conditions to make the best utility of their gifted capacity.

However, the official pointed out that the lack of strategic programmes and plans hindered the early detection of the talented from schools and universities and that insufficient preference given to talented people failed to lure them to work in the political system.

The project focused on studying talented people involving in leadership and management, science and technology, production and business/.